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The picturesque country of Malawi located in South-east Africa features stunning scenery with its mountainous ranges, high plateaus, valleys, river, woods and a large lake that occupies the majority of its eastern border. Referred to as the ‘warm heart of Africa’, the friendly persons of Malawi are certain to hand you a large welcome with massive smiles on their faces. Interaction with the local tribes is a must throughout one’s stay. One soon will recognize that each tribe is unique in dress and language. Travelling here is relatively quick with airports connecting the different regions and mini-buses that can take you to longer distances.

Malawi is separated into three regions;North, Central and South Malawi. Lake Malawi crosses all regions and occupies almost a fifth of the country with nearly 500 types of fish and sandy coasts. North Malawi is the less recognized region of the country with a lower population density yet contrasted with rich landscapes of highlands, mountains and valleys. Travel to Nyika National Park which is populated with numerous types of roan and antelope. For those who want to experience the traditional conventional bush-game, North Malawi’s Vwaza Marsh Wildlife reserve is the place to go.

Central Malawi is home to the Lilongwe, the country’s capital and most common point of entry. Despite being a capital city, this area features its own share of scenic landscapes and culture with its numerous wildlife reserves and winding rivers. Near Lilongwe is Dezda, a town with local artists and craftsmen that create pottery and woodcarvings and in addition a interesting cultural museum.

South Malawi is the most developed component of the country and home to Central Africa’s highest peak, Mount Mulanje. This huge ‘island in the sky’ is easily accessible by foot and truly worthwhile as a way to witness the dramatic scenery. An example of the numerous National Parks and Wildlife Reserves located here is Lengwe National Park which boasts of its drivable tracks where one can observe the various types of enjoyable nyala and antelope.

Early May possibly to October is Malawi’s dry season and the best time to see the place. Plants are lush and the scenery very attractive from May possibly to July when the temperature ranges are cooler. Average day-time temperature throughout this occasion would be 21° C.

The chief concern for travelers would be the robberies that have seemingly increased over the years still violence is a rarity. Encountering a hippo or a crocodile is often a potential danger but the chance of an attack is highly unlikely.

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