Great Amenities in Pet Friendly Hotels

Many travelers don’t want to leave home without their beloved pets, so they will make sure they stay in pet friendly hotels. More and more, companies are realizing the increased popularity of allowing dogs and cats, and are even offering special amenities to attract new guests. Here are some of the more common ones that you may find on your next trip with your four-legged family member.

There are several pet friendly hotels that will provide a special welcome gift for not only you, but your companion as well. This makes a great first impression, showing how committed they are to the comfort of all their guests, whether they are human or otherwise. These gifts can include packaged treats presented in a bag with a personalized tag and a bow, portable water bowls, and chew toys. Guests appreciate these types of gestures and will be much more likely to stay there again on a future trip.

When you are choosing pet friendly hotels, you may find one that offers a bed for your dog or cat. Traveling is not only tough on humans, but on animals as well. Everybody is going to be tuckered out once they get off the road. Even animals that are used to traveling are always affected by the change in routine, as well as the new sights and sounds. It can also be a hassle packing a bed, especially when room is already tight in your vehicle. Try to find accommodations that include not only a comfortable bed for you, but one for your beloved companion as well.

All pet friendly hotels should have some sort of designated area for your dog to walk and go to the bathroom. They should also have bags and ample garbage receptacles so that you can pick up after them. This area needs to be clearly marked and located away from any busy streets or highway off-ramps nearby. Some places will also have fenced-off areas where your dog can get some exercise without you having to worry about them running away.

You will even find some establishments that offer special concierge services for cats and dogs. These establishments want to make sure that humans and non-humans alike have a five-star experience. In the same vein, many pet friendly hotels also offer several on-site services. While you won’t be able to keep yours in the room unattended, you may be able to find someone who will dog- or cat-sit while you’re gone. They can walk dogs, make sure food and water bowls are filled, change litter boxes, and much more.

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