Why Private Jet Charter Makes Sense During a Recession

When it comes to working through a recession, it’s always a difficult balance, you still need a marketing budget, you still need to visit clients, you still need to keep your shareholders happy and you still have to make money.  Efficiency is essential in everything that a business does and not just during a credit crunch or a recession. Busy executives need to work smart and spend as much time as possible being productive.

Traveling on commercial airlines through major airports you immediately see the benefits of a far more efficient approach to air travel.  Even if you’re traveling business or first class with a commercial airline you’ll experience “dead” time at the airport of around 90-120 minutes with check-in, security and boarding. Plus there’s the time already spent getting there in the first place.

If you’re a regular business traveler, there is a lot to be said for flying on a private jet charter.  Firstly, you have a much wider choice of airports resulting in less time spent traveling to the airport.  Then you have the very short check-in times, invariably you will go from arriving at the airport to “wheels up” airborne in around twenty minutes.

Possibly more importantly is the departure time. Flying commercially restricts you to the airline’s schedule, flying privately means that the flight works to your schedule. Then we consider delays in getting to the airport. If you’re late for a commercial flight and miss the check-in close time, you’re not going. You’ll then be waiting up to twenty four hours for the next flight – for which you may have to pay extra AND how much might those delays cost your business? With a private jet charter, the jet leaves when you arrive.  If your printer chews up the presentation, there’s heavy traffic en-route to the airport or your meeting over runs you can relax, safe in the knowledge that your plane and your pilot will be waiting for you and ready to depart.

Then there’s the comparison between private charter and full or fractional ownership. Both will offer you time saving benefits but both are rather costly alternatives with a lot of up front investment and regular additional costs.

Particularly in the current economic climate, private jet charter can make more sense to your shareholders. You won’t have large up-front costs or regular monthly fees, you simply pay for the time that you fly.  Book your flights with a reputable broker and invariably you’ll be given the total all inclusive cost so there won’t be extra charges for fuel, tax, catering or anything else. By comparison to full or fractional jet ownership you’ll be spending a lot less on private jet charter flights but enjoying all of the same benefits.

In summary, you save a lot of time, spend far less than ownership or fractional ownership, enjoy VIP Class, stress free travel and get a lot more time to do your job, in any financial climate that can only be a good thing.

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