Why Consider Hiring a Private Jet in a Recession?

There is no denying that private jet charter is more expensive than travelling by a regular aircraft operator. However, you have to look at what you get for your money. Convenience, speed, hassle free travel and increased security are just some of the advantages you get.

Making the business case:

The corporate world in the twenty first century is truly trans-global. This means many companies have to send their top executives abroad to communicate with the different sections of their business spread over numerous continents. Some communications can still be achieved via email and teleconferencing but nothing beats a face to face meeting. The modern day executive can use helicopter charter or an air taxi if they have to do regular short hops. This saves them time by allowing them to see multiple parts of the business in one day and be back in the office the next day.

Keep your executives happy:

In the glory days flying used to be a pleasure. However, with increasing queues caused by increased security checks, cancellations, lost baggage, flying by today’s operators is a real pain. Flying by air charter can avoid all of these problems and keep your executives happy.

If you do have to fly to a main airport you are likely to be ushered to the exclusive private jet terminal. In addition to a hassle free departure private air charter means you cut down on hotel bills. If you are sending top executives abroad you are likely to have to fork out hefty sums for expensive hotels.

Feel secure:

The large plane operators and airports still have a real threat from terrorism. Using private air charter removes this threat as you are likely to know the person you are flying with. As stated above flying by air charter means you will be flying from small local airports. These airports are highly unlikely to be targeted by terrorists. Moreover, as there are a large number of these regional airports it means you can fly closer to your destination. This will save you time and therefore money.

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