When Jesus Christ Used Physical Force to Cleanse the Temple Bad Leaders Reacted Negatively

We must be careful not to follow the Jesus of our dreams, but follow and serve and obey the Jesus of the Bible. We have to see Jesus as He really is, and love the real Jesus, and not some dreamt up idol.

So many have illusions and false pictures and ideas of what Jesus Christ was like, but when we stay in the Word, we will not stray very far. Jesus goes up to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover and in the Temple he finds everything a bit of a sinful shambles.

The whole thing was a racket. There were corrupt and immoral practices going on. Many were on the make.

As Jesus cleanses the Temple, his use of physical force here is quite revealing.

When Jesus sees the situation in the Temple, he takes time to make a whip of small cords.

Jesus deliberately makes this, and uses this on all that was going on in the Temple, on animals and men.

When Jesus Christ is confronted with sin in His Father’s House, He deals with it.

Jesus is showing and demonstrating how angry He is. His Father had sent Him to deal with sin, and not just some sin, but with all sin.

With some things Jesus is intolerant.

People say at times, “We must be tolerant. Live and let live.” Tolerance is not a Christian virtue.

There are certain things Jesus Christ will not tolerate or permit, especially when they are disguised and paraded under a cloak of religion.

“Get these out of here” are the recorded words of Jesus in John Chapter 2 at verse 16.

Jesus saw the place of worship in this mess.

The church of the day had become like a market.

The disciples remembered what was written in the Psalms. “Zeal for your house will consume me.”

We too need something of that zeal and fire, because Jesus spews out lukewarm people.

Almighty God is very concerned about whatever might be going on the place of Worship and Prayer.

There is a very negative reaction from those whose interests Jesus had moved against.

By what authority do you do this? Who do you think you are? Why are you interfering?

When Jesus Christ acted in this bold and courageous manner there were those who did not like nor appreciate what the Son of God was doing.

These religious leaders had vested interests in the Temple and when you touch financial vested interests be prepared for strong negative reaction.

Sandy Shaw

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