Traveling With Kids – Top 5 Destinations

No matter what your circumstances in life, there is bound to come a time when you want to travel with your family on a long vacation. Travelling with the kids can cause anxiety and sheer fright in some parents, not to mention the kids themselves! But it doesn’t have to be all gloom and doom.

There are plenty of positives when a family travels together, things like bonding and sharing long conversations that you might otherwise miss at home. Then of course there is the excitement of discovering something together. Just remember to take out a good family travel insurance policy, not to cater for any potential family fights, but said that give you peace of mind seek and enjoy a holiday!

So let’s have a look at some destinations that you in your kids can look forward to travelling to with anticipation and a happy heart.

It Doesn’t Have To Drive You Mad. What about avoiding driving completely? A family with the kids does not have to involve a long road trip, you could always try a cruise to nowhere. These days cruise companies offer five or seven-day cruises sailing in circles around the Pacific. It might sound a little crazy at first but this gives you the opportunity to relax completely or without the pressure of planning any activities or shopping for meals. Everything is available for you in the one place, and all the work has already been done. Kids are well looked after, and so will you be.

Fiji. It’s a rare thing for a family friendly tourist destination to actually be an entire country. But that is simply what Fiji is. The friendly nature of the warm hearted people coupled with the idyllic stretches of palm fringed beaches and the environmentally sensitive resorts provide any family with the destination they are certain to enjoy.

Samoa. Despite some recent problems with the politics and the weather, Samoa is still a family friendly destination that couples the unspoiled landscapes and wonderfully warm and friendly people. It is no wonder that families feel welcome here as they temporarily become part of an island nation built around families.

Vanuatu. One of Australia’s closest neighbours with a curiously French twist, Vanuatu is another small Pacific nation whose size and tourist orientation make it a destination families clamour for. With a mixture of Polynesian and French cultures, there are hundreds of resorts to choose from which offer family friendly accommodation including activities for children and adventure playgrounds for the family to share.

Vietnam. This might appear an unlikely choice as a family friendly destination, but Vietnam offers a myriad of choices that all the family can enjoy. From palm fringed protected beaches to unspoiled lagoons with deep green clear water, the Vietnamese people will welcome you all with open arms. Some of the unspoiled and as yet underdeveloped areas offer a level of safety valued by families from around the world.

Now you know that you are no longer locked into local holiday with the children, you can start to plan your next overseas trip with your kids in mind. If you plan well enough in advance and take advantage of the peace of mind offered by a family travel insurance package, you are probably starting a new tradition of family travel together.

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