Travel For Free, Get Paid To Travel And Even Get Paid When Others Travel

Fall and Winter vacation time is coming fast! Did you know that you can travel for free and even get paid to have fun in the sun?

This is a unique opportunity! The travel industry is exploding as Baby Boomers retire in droves and head to the cruise ships, Caribbean resorts and European Spas in record numbers.

Learn how to put groups of friends, family, club members, etc together to travel to exotic places around the world, getting your tickets free while earning commission on your friend’s tickets! You can even have your own private labeled travel website that will pay you handsomely every time someone books their travel on it, even if you are asleep, at home with the kids or even on vacation.

Read on to learn how you can cash in on this bonanza for very little money.We said you could even travel for free. How can that be? You can be invited by the owners of Luxurious Resorts, Spas, Cruise Ships around the world to stay at their facilities as their free guests!

These are called FAM(iliarization) trips. Owners are counting on travel professionals to brag about their luxurious vacations at fabulous resorts to your friends and family when they get back home. Word of mouth advertising, the best. A couple of examples: In November, 2006, one of my friends spent a week in Jamaica, Free! She stayed at top, beach front hotels as a guest of the Jamaica Tourist Board, with everything included, meals, transfers, excursions, etc. Special airfare price of $199 RT New York!Or, how about a 3 night stay in the Virgin Islands, courtesy of the USVI Tourist Board in September?

There is a cooking tour of Tuscany, Italy, coming up in September. 5 nights, all inclusive in a 600 year old farmhouse on 1,000 acre vineyard, all inclusive, including cooking lessons and wine tasting, $599!On April 18th, 2007, you could have boarded the QM2 in NY, for a 7 day, luxurious Transatlantic trip from New York to Merry Olde England for only $499!How would you like to be upgraded to 1st Class for free when you fly, business or pleasure?. Staying at a hotel? How about a suite for the price of a regular room? Or how about renting a Jeep and getting a Hummer for the same price?This is not some fantasy, these perks and more are offered every day to owners of travel agencies.

Now, you can be the CEO of one or an entire Network of Expedia-like, Internet Travel Agencies that will stream massive, passive income into your bank account 24/7 while you sleep. Earn $500 per month, or $500 per day, it is up to you!

American Express sells Internet Travel franchises for $10,000 each with a liquid reserve of $100,000 required.. Magic Johnson sells them for $5,000 each. One company, YTB Travel, can get you started in your own home based, Internet Travel Agency right now for less than $500. They are the fastest growing of the new breed of Internet Travel Agencies and are actively recruiting new, home based agents as well as looking for marketing people to sell them.

Good Luck!

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