Top Five Must-See Places in Miami, Florida

Glamorized in Hollywood films, rhetorically famous in made-for-TV-movies and on daytime television, and particularly known around the US and the rest of the world as a tropical, sunny paradise – Miami, Florida is an astounding city with much to offer tourists. There is such an intertwined conglomerations of cultures in this beach city – not to mention that the city itself is rather diverse from both an ethnic and cultural standpoint as well as a commercial, industrial and architectural view – that visiting this city is an undertaking in and of itself.

It obviously goes without saying that the city is one-of-a-kind, and for anybody who plans on Miami travel soon had better make certain that they have a solid game plane of places to go and things to see, as there is so much more to this classy destination than just lolling around the beach with a margarita in your hand all day long. This top five list of places that are must-see within this destination city should help you to plan for and experience a vacation like no other…one that you won’t soon forget.

South Beach: Perhaps the most popular of all places to see when you travel to Miami, this beach is where everything is at. Miles of pristine, white and sandy shores are what have made this city so famous and desirable to visit. Tons of restaurants, spas and boutique stores line the beach; a shoppers true envy. Don’t forget sunscreen and a beach towel.

Calle Ocho Festival: Little Havana is a must-see when you travel to Miami; not seeing this place is like skipping China Town when in New York City. Of course, if you happen to be visiting during the Carnival Miami (mid-march of each year) then make sure that you catch this amazing festival that features vendors, live performers and much more. Over a million people are in attendance every year, it’s one of the largest festivals in the US.

Hollywood Beach Boardwalk: File amazing miles of beach – most famous for the many movies and TV shows that have been filmed on location here every year – and hundreds of cafes, restaurants and boutique stores are what make this a must-see and very popular destination.

Coral Gables: Don’t miss this little bedroom community that looks like its right out of a romance novel. The picturesque setting of Coral Gables will leave you breathless. Notable sights include Venetian Pool, Dragonfly and Miracle expeditions; from the well kept and virtually spotless streets to the beautiful sunsets…a must-see!

Miccosukee Indian Village & Airboat Rides: Originally refugees of the Seminole warring clans, the Miccosukee settled here hundreds of years ago. Today you can visit an entirely preserved and authentic Indian village. Don’t forget to buy a keepsake at the gift shop and make sure you take an airboat ride when here.

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