Timeshare Sales Nightmare – This Couple Survived

Once gross income reaches a certain middle class, which undoubtedly will be asked to attend a timeshare presentation. If you have not already done so, it is almost certain that in the future. Sometimes the application takes you by surprise.

My wife and I were staying at a cheap hotel near Charleston, South Carolina for a weekend vacation. As we walked through the streets beautiful Charleston, a good man called and asked us if we wanted to take a tour of his appeal. He said that there were only renovated and will offer us a $ 75 gift certificate, plus 2 “travel ghost” tickets if we take a tour of the station 90 minutes.

“I am not a dummy”, I thought. I would love to be crazy not to take up his offer. It might even be fun to have the tour for anything, but if he was going to offer a free night out in the city, then this is an offer too good to refuse. He has given $ 10 to “secure our place” on tour.

As expected, my wife and I liked the use of open-air complex scenario as we sat on a stone bench next to a beautiful fountain. Both vowed never really buy a timeshare here (by now we realized that probably will try to sell something). We knew that they could not afford it. We only want freedom of gifts. We returned half an hour later, we reached $ 10 and sat back and waited a little longer.

The personal tour finally began. The rooms are very elegant. This is almost like a museum tour, but we charge! What deal! Then came the hard sales pitch. We did not know what we were at. About 3 hours later, we were ready to buy. The seller has convinced us – who made such great financial sense. Another 2 hours later they had signed all the necessary forms to become owners. Even sent a runner to reach lunch at Subway (for free), while we expect. What good people.

Driving home, we were a little nervous that we had made a big mistake. We were also giddy that we were now the owners of this great experience of time. A couple of days later, as I do almost every purchase, I checked online to see if I had received the best treatment. We had paid about $ 12,000 for our time the facts. (We can not afford this, but the seller told us that it could rent out for enough to cover payments.)

Well, I realized that the same unit of time was selling on eBay for about $ 2000. My heart sank into my stomach as I realized that it had excess of about $ 10000. I raced through all my contracts. It seems like hundreds of documents in the stack that came home.

Finally I found my gold ticket. God was very good for me on that day. I had found the clause that basically said that I was free to terminate the contract at any time within 5 days from the date I had signed. It was the third day. In fact the day was 4, if taken on Sunday. Do Sundays? I was in a frenzy. They need to officially cancel this thing, perhaps tomorrow.

In fact referred to perform a flight emergency plane to the timeshare company’s headquarters in Florida to make sure that was canceled. I got a hold of someone from the company that said I could FedEx overnight for them.

I left my time writing. What relief. Now is the time for the resale market to get myself a real business.

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