Three Skiing Essentials You May Not Have Considered Packing

Skiing holidays are a fantastic experience which every family should discover, with the chance to learn a new sport while enjoying the beautiful vistas of snow-topped mountain ranges something which you will never forget.

If you have booked your trip and are currently planning to head to the slopes for the first time, here are three items which you won’t want to forget.

Ski socks
Wearing a pair of ski boots for the first time certainly isn’t comfortable; the weight and lack of mobility makes nearly every person want to take them off straight away! To make the experience better, getting a decent pair of ski socks is imperative if you want to avoid suffering from foot blisters after a few days. Almost always padded and offering a great deal of warmth, they will also help keep your feet nice and warm while you are on the mountain, particularly when you are sat still going up the chairlift.

While a pair of ski goggles will certainly be at the top of the eyewear list, wearing them during a day full of beautiful blue skies could result in your face getting very hot. This is where sunglasses excel, being far more comfortable and cooler while also protecting your eyes from the intense sunshine. The latter point is why it’s important to get a decent pair of sunglasses with UV Protection – cheaper or imitation pairs might not offer you the same defence. Be sure to check the weather before deciding between sunglasses or goggles, as you won’t have a fun time with the former when it starts snowing.

Scarf or neck warmer
You wear a hat to protect your head, ski socks to protect your feet and a jacket to protect your body, but what have you got to keep your neck and chin warm? Although many jackets on the market cover the neck, it can easily become exposed in the icy wind, causing your body to get cold. A scarf usually does the trick, but the only problem is that they can often be very bulky.

Another worthwhile alternative is the neck warmer – an elasticated and breathable device which can be fastened under your nose to offer protection for the whole area. Resembling a fabric tube, they can also be modified into a lightweight hat for days when you would rather don your sunglasses!

With this handy information in mind, make sure that these three items are at the top of your packing list so that you can enjoy a worry-free ski holiday.

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