The Amarnath Yatra: A Test of Endurance But Worth The Trouble

The Amarnath Yatra is one of the most popular Himalayan pilgrimages in India which is organized every year by the Government of Jammu and Kashmir between the months of June and August for pilgrims who want to visit the holy Shiva Ling located in the Amarnath cave.

The Amarnath Yatra is organized every year for pilgrims who wish to visit the holy cave of Baba Amarnath, the other name of Lord Shiva. Located at a height of 14,500 ft, Amarnath is a picturesque Himalayan valley that offers a great feast for the senses. The duration of pilgrimage is usually between 45- 60 days. The Amarnath cave beholds the holy Shiva Ling which forms for a few weeks every year. It is the only stalagmite Shiva ling in the world. Lord Shiva is said to have made his home in the Himalayas and these valleys attract huge number of tourists every year.

The yatra to attain “Moksha” or salvation is believed to be very adventurous and full of joy and thrill. People from all over the world, travel to this sacred destination to perform prayers before the shivalinga. Amarnath yatra is a journey that cleanses the body, mind and soul. As you travel through the pure and pollution free environs to see the holy ice formation, you experience a purity of soul that cannot be expressed in words.

The climate in the region is very erratic and rain or snowfall can occur at any time or place during the journey. The lowest temperature can go below upto -5 degree Celsius and a sunny weather can suddenly turn into a rain or snowfall in a very short time.

Devotees, who wish to go for this holy journey, need to fill up the yatra registration form which is issued by Sri Amarnathji Shrine board, under the government of Jammu and Kashmir. The registration usually starts 40 to 45 days before the actual yatra is set to commence. Devotees who are traveling for the first time are often in a dilemma as to how to obtain the Amarnath Yatra registration form. There is a complete procedure, issued by the government, for helping the devotees understand the details of registration form process.

Lately, the government has also started to issue online registration forms for the convenience of devotees. This form can be downloaded from Sri Amarnathji Shrine board’s official website. The centers for registration are designated counters of J&K bank branches and a few other banks. The Amarnath yatra registration form is the only document that allows one to register for the Yatra. After filling up the form, it needs to be submitted to the counters that are specified for the registration, along with the fees. The devotees will be issued a permit called the Yatra permit, which they have to carry along during their pilgrimage.

The government of Jammu and Kashmir offers Amarnath yatra helicopter service. This service was launched in 2004. There are different packages for the holy Amaranth yatra helicopter service and you can choose the package that suits your needs. The Amarnath yatra helicopter service is recognized by the Ministry of Tourism in India and is the shortest way to travel to the holy shrine. The packages include pick up from Srinagar airport, overnight stay and then proceeding to the holy cave. Some packages include priority darshan, excursion to Srinagar and sightseeing in the local areas.

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