Tanzania Safari Essentials – Things to Carry With You in Your Adventure Travel

This is an important thing to create a checklist of all the belongings which you need to carry with you before going for any trip and if this is an adventure tour to Africa, Kenya and Tanzania then it is necessary to follow.

Explore on Internet about the important things those are required to take with you on safari travel. You can get complete information about the place, weather, government rules and regulations, and its culture. It will help you to create a checklist for your travel.

After gathering the information about the place, spend some time to pen down all the essentials. However, following are the basic things to keep in mind before planning for the Safari Trip:

Travel Essentials:

o Complete all the formalities related to Visa and Passport in advance, this will save your time when final packing would be done.
o Always take a duplicate copy of your passport along with you. This will help you in case of any mishap.
o Advance booking of Air Ticket is must. Save your time and be smart! Book your ticket in advance.
o Get your International Health Card prepared with immunizations.
o Insure yourself with Travel insurance and medical insurance.
o Get US cash, Travelers cheque and credit card along with you.
o Sleeping bag for adventure camping
o Take a pen and a diary to pour your expressions about the travel.

Clothing Essentials:

o Colored Cloths
o Short Sleeve T-shirts and same count of shorts.
o 2-3 pairs of undergarments.
o Pairs of Formal Cloths.
o Lightweight sport shoes.


o Medicines for Fever, body aches, headache, stomach infection, eye drops etc.

Climate Protection Essentials:

o Suns Cream
o Sun Glasses
o Umbrella
o Hats

Essentials Accessories:

o Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste, Toilet Soap etc.
o Ziploc bags to protect binoculars, video cameras, digital cameras from dust particles.
o Insect Repellant Cream
o Money belt to carry your money in a safe way.
o Pocket knife
o Battery backup for video camera, camera etc.

These are the basics but essential things to include in your checklist. You can add more items in your checklist based on your own interest. The main thing is to prepare for your adventure travel in advance and to save your time for last time planning.

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