Steamboat Springs Ski Resorts

Some people come to Steamboat Springs, Colorado for the beauty of the environment. Some come for the western ambiance, the restaurants and the laid back casual atmosphere of the town. Most, however, come for the snow. “Ski Town” boasts an average of nearly 30 feet of snowfall every season which means snow, snow and more snow – all winter long.

Steamboat Springs lays claim to the driest, fluffiest snow in the world. So dry and fluffy is the snow there that the locals have coined and copyrighted the descriptive phrase “Champagne Powder.” To back up their claim, the local government hired several meteorologists to measure the moisture content in the snow surrounding Steamboat Springs and the results confirmed the notion that Champagne Powder does in fact have 70% less moisture than average snow.

In addition to Champagne Powder, Steamboat Springs Ski areas are unique in that once you leave the gondola at the top of the mountain and begin to ski down any of the many trails available, you are actually skiing on land owned by the US government. That’s right. Skiing is available in Steamboat Springs due to a unique partnership between the Steamboat Ski & Resort Corporation and the Routt National Forest. In fact, this arrangement may be the only one in existence anywhere in the United States. Usually, skiing property is owned by someone and leased out to a company that provides the services necessary to keep skiers coming back year after year.

Within 400 yards of a base area for skiing there are at least three excellent hotels with ski in, ski out packages available. Obviously, the closer you get to the action the higher the prices go for the rooms. Move a bit away from the base of the mountain and you’ll find an ample supply of ski resorts offering more in the way of amenities and less in the way of cost. The choice is up to you as always – ski out your back door, hop on the gondola and you’re on your way, or, wake up, have breakfast, dress, take a shuttle over to the base of the mountain and your ski adventure begins. Whichever you prefer, you’ll find it at Steamboat Springs.

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