Spring Road Trip Tips

The weather is clearing up, the kids will be on break from school and you are probably eager to embark on an adventure. Taking a road trip with the family this spring can be a fun and memorable way to get to your vacation destination. You can explore the open road, make small day trips along the way and spend quality time with each other in the car.

Before you hit the highway, however, there are a few things you should prepare and look after to ensure your safety and enjoyment on the open road.

You will most certainly be taking the time to pack all your clothing, recreation items and even some snacks, books and music for the trip, but it is just as important to spend time to have your car ready to go. After all you are relying on the vehicle to get you there safely and in a decent amount of time!

Winter can wreak havoc on your vehicle, so start off by giving it a good power wash to remove the build up of salt and sand. This will get rid of dirt that can be blocking areas of the car and also help it run smoother. You wouldn’t want to get on a plane that has not had the proper maintenance before take off, so make sure your car is up to the long road ahead by bringing it in to your dealer or mechanic for a thorough inspection. Your service technician should check for body damage, suspension or brakes and anything interior. Any problem should be looked after before you head out or else you may risk a break down on the road that can waste time and also be quite costly or dangerous.

You will also want to make sure the radio, power locks and windows, air conditioning and heat are in prime working condition so everyone will be at ease and comfortable on your journey. At this time it may be a good idea to also take off the winter tires and replace them with all season tires that will perform better on dry roads. Part of standard maintenance should also include an oil change to increase fuel efficiency. You will most likely be doing some driving at night, so you will want to have your exterior lights inspected to ensure they are all working properly.

Having your call thoroughly looked after before you depart is your best defense for ensuring it will be in top performance shape on your trip, but sometimes unforeseen things can happen. In the case of any unexpected breakdowns or accidents it is a very good idea to have roadside assistance. This will give you peace of mind and safety no matter where you may be driving.

A road navigation system is also a good investment if you are spending your time on the road in places you are not familiar with. You can plus in your destination and have the navigator choose the best road, or you can use it to find the nearest gas station, lodging or restaurant. Take advantage of preferred customer cards or any special travel deals you may be eligible for on the road. Some hotels, restaurants and even gas stations offer reward and points for using their services. If you and your family go on a few road trips a year, those points can add up to free nights at hotels or discounts on gas which will help lower your travel costs.

These tip will set you at ease as you prepare for your family vacation and also ensure you will have a safe and pleasant trip.

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