Scrapbooking Heritage Albums

Most scrapbookers will want to create an album that depicts their family heritage The problem with these albums is being able to find embellishments to enhance your pages. I have found that heritage albums are the most challenging of all the albums that I have done. I’m working on one now for our children of me when I was a baby and the growing up years which of course includes their grandparents and other relatives.

To help you with these challenges I have come up with some creative ways to make scrapbooking Heritage Albums a little easier with some fun embellishments:

• Use lace and pearls. You can purchase these at a fabric store and they can be found at some scrapbooking stores. I have used the lace as a border and to frame a picture. The pearls I have used on the actual lace or a picture of lace on a page.

• Take pictures of old furniture, doilies, or pitcher and bowl. I have taken pictures of my mother’s doilies that she had made, her furniture that I happen to have in my home, and a pitcher and bowl that she purchased and loved. From the doily picture I can make several prints and use them for a border.

• Old wallpaper designs are great for background paper.

• I also found an online site that lets you download free images, and of course they have a place where you can purchase images. I loved this online site because they had old images taken from old books and etc. These can also be used for travel especially in Europe where history abounds. The site is

• Family handwriting is awesome for journaling. My mother had written several comments on the back of the pictures along with dates. I scanned the handwriting on the pictures and copied everything she wrote. I then proceeded to make a fancy border with decorative scissors and added them with the pictures. This is so special because it is a part of my mother preserved in an album forever.

• Don’t crop old pictures. They are so awesome just the way they are. I made the mistake of doing it and realized right away it really took away from the picture.

I hope these tips help you to create great Heritage Albums and you really enjoy doing them as much as I do, because I’m a scrapbook fanatic.

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