Real ghost stories: Travel pros share 11 of their scariest trips

Rick Steves, the famous guidebook author and travel guide, was hosting a tour of Cotswold villages and Stonehenge in the ’80s, and was scheduled to stay in an old bed-and-breakfast near Glastonbury.

The area is known as one of the most spiritual places in Britain, drawing religious visitors and new-age witches alike. To boot, the guesthouse was built on a spot where two ley lines crossed. (Some people believe ley lines are invisible gridlines that channel the Earth’s magnetic field, and ancient civilizations aligned landmarks along them to harness power.)

Once the group went to their rooms to tuck in for the night, “I just felt some creepy spirit in my room,” Steves says. “I went out into the hall, and everybody from the tour felt the same creepy spirit in their rooms.” Having spent thousands of nights in hotel rooms, “I’ve never felt anything remotely like this,” Steves says. “So we just all grabbed our bags. … We vacated that haunted hotel.”

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