Rajasthan Heritage Tour – Famous Tour of India

Capital: Jaipur – The Pink City

Area: 342, 224 Sq. kms

Main language: Rajasthani

Rajasthan, the land of the king is India at its exotic and colourful best. This is the home of the Rajputs, a group of warrior clan who have controlled this part of India for a thousand year with a code of chivalry and honour akin to that of the medieval European knights

Rajasthan exotic atmosphere extends to far more than just splendid fort for the Rajasthani them are a brilliant splash of color. Men top their outfit with a huge, pastel coloured turban. Women wear the colourful bright-mirrored skirt they compliment it with chunky jewellery worn from head to toe.

Geographically Rajasthan is dry and inhospitable place. A line drawn south-west to north-east divides the state into the hilly and rugged south-east region and the barren north-east Thar desert, which extend across the border in to Pakistan.

Rajasthan also has school of miniature, painting derived from the Moghul style but with some clear differences in particular the palace and hunting scenes are complimented by religious themes as relating to the Krishna legends This art carried through to the Elegant Palaces the Rajputs built when they were freed of confrontation with the Moghul. Most of early architecture was damaged or destroyed by the first wave of Moslem invasions. There are many buildings from 10th to 15th century including Jain temple of Ranakpur and Jaiselmer, most of the great forts date in their present form from the Moghul period.

Rajasthan has usual Indian festival, as harvest festival of Gangaur is particularly important, Teej at the end of Aug or beginning of Sep. There are many fair but best known of which is the immense and colourful Cattle Fair of Pushkar.

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