Pyxism Travel – The Fact About Travel Home Businesses

Ask yourself what Pyxism Travel is and you will find a home based business opportunity in the shape of a discount travel company. Very similar to a vacation club Pyxism Travel differentiates itself from the competition with its True Follow-Me Matrix. That means that the member follows its sponsor and the team always remains together.

Pyxism was launched in 2009 by Lloyd Wilson of San Clemente, California. Together with this business opportunity teamwork is extremely important and the members are required to follow a cycle that usually works faster and helps everyone who works at it make a lot more money. This is called Forced Matrix.

On the Pyxism Travel company plan there is a point that sais: each time the member’s direct referral cycles the Horizon Board he receives $1000 and the sponsor receives $1000! This guarantees that nobody will be left behind for a quick buck!

The commission structure is very innovative and there are travel certificates to top resorts throughout the world. We have been guaranteed that this is different from other vacation certificate agenda, with no black-out dates and real 4 and 5 star resorts.

The owner of Pyxism Travel business is called Lloyd Wilson. This a man with long-term vision and with a great business experience been in the network marketing business for over 12 years. Also, Lloyd Wilson has been part-owner in a travel based business since 2005.

Have you been in the network marketing for a while? I am sure you know what I am talking about! We strongly recommend you take a look at the Pyxism Travel. The business’s name is derived from the Constellation called Pyxis in the Southern Skies. Pyxis, short for Pyxis Nautica, is the Latin term for a mariner’s compass. The Pyxism motto is Travel, Prosperity and Integrity.

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