Luxury Travel Guide for People in Dubai

Dubai is a strikingly contrast city as compared to five decades ago. An emirate in the UAE, Dubai was established as a small village that was known for fishing and the precious pearls. A major facelift of Dubai happened in the 19th century. Dubbed as the city of wealth, Dubai has now emerged as a commercial hub of the east. It is in fact one of the most visited places in the Middle East.

Famed as a global city with modern outlook and dynamic life, Dubai is a home to varied landscape of the deserts and beaches of the Gulf. Although known hugely for its massive oil reserves, Dubai is drawing its main revenues from tourism, realty and financial service sector.

If Dubai is your home, you would probably have not looked elsewhere for a holiday getaway. It is true that Dubai offers immense of tourism options but there are locales otherwise as well that can be a good choice for a fantastic holiday. Holiday packages from Dubai are vastly available from tour providers to cater to the luxury holiday requirement of high-class individuals in the Emirates.

Holiday packages from Dubai

A number of tour operators offer holiday packages from Dubai to other biggest cities like South America. While here you would see an assortment of different tourist destinations. From historical places, monuments to leisure sites, a trip to South America encompasses all that you want to know and see about the big city culture.

Rio de Janeiro is a beautiful place to visit for its sheer metropolitan culture. Being the second largest city of Brazil, this place has become a hub for tourism in Southern Hemisphere.

Being from Dubai, you already have seen the best of gold sand dunes and turquoise waters of the Arabian Gulf, why not travel to a place that offer exotic wildlife safari experience. Honeymoon packages from Dubai to the wildlife paradise of South Africa are by and large famous among peoples of Dubai.

Breathtaking scenery, picturesque panorama, lofty mountains, sun-baked deserts and immense wildlife experience is all that you can get on a holiday to this fantastic place. When here don’t miss the opportunity to capture Kenya’s glorious wildlife displaying an array of elephants, lions, Rhino, buffalos and more. Feel the thrill of enjoying a ride in savannahs while you spot big game, gazelle and other plains.

So, sit back and enjoy an exciting safari ride in land cruiser. What do you want more for a romantic and thrilling honeymoon?

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