Hiring a Private Jet Charter – Little Known Tips For a Better Experience

With daily lives having tighter deadlines and more commitments than ever before, private jet charter flights are becoming increasingly popular. They offer everyone the convenience of leaving and going where you need to without having to put up with the headaches and cramped quarters of commercial flights. To get the most out of the flight, you can do several things.

Saving Money On A Private Jet Charter

One of the industry’s biggest secrets is the money that can be saved with ’empty leg’ flights – the empty miles traveled by a private jet charter. Chicago customers, for example, might be able to hire a jet that is leaving the city and heading to New York to pick up its next set of clients. These companies would rather provide a discounted flight rather than cover the entire cost of the empty miles. If you fly often, you might even want to consider fractional ownership and leaseback options. You can have the benefit of private flight without a large portion of the cost and responsibility. The leaseback options offered by some companies can offset the costs.

When it comes to hiring a private plane, it is also best to ask about additional fees since some airports charge more than others do. This includes things like security and take-off fees. Some companies also offer programs and rewards that can come in handy when doing a lot of traveling. In addition, purchasing a return trip rather than two one-ways or going through a broker can sometimes be cheaper as well.

Time And Convenience

Private flying companies give you the convenience of going where and when you need to. The amount of notice a private flight company needs will vary, depending on the type of charter you choose and the services you request. For added convenience when it comes to booking, some private plane companies give you the convenience of twenty-four hour booking so that you can book a fight when you need it, rather than having to wait for business hours on a weekday.

Although it might be extremely important for you to get where you are going, it is important to be patient when it comes to problems that are beyond the control of the crew. Convincing them to fly when it isn’t safe puts you, the crew, and even the general public at risk. Before you book, ask about the company’s policy on alternative flights in the case of a technical issue and the costs associated with those types of problems.

Additional Services

Many people don’t know that private jet charter companies often offer a concierge service. This is great for those planning a trip. The company can book you a hotel room, get tickets for an event, or even reservations at your favorite restaurant for when you arrive, taking all the stress out of traditional flying and traveling.

Contrary to popular belief, private planes are not just for transporting people. For example, if you have a large shipment that needs to get from Las Vegas to Chicago, jet charter companies have flights for freight as well. This is particularly great if you are holding a large conference and require a large amount of equipment or supplies to arrive at the same time you do. As an added bonus, the concierge service can look after the freight and get it to where it needs to go.

Hiring a private jet charter is not just for the rich and famous. Everyday people and companies are using this option to accommodate increasingly packed schedules. With these insider tips, you can take full advantage of the benefits and services private plane companies have to offer.

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