Golden Temple of Dambulla

Sri Lanka is a significant Buddhist centre. This pear-shaped island affirms to be an abode to some holiest Buddhist pilgrimage sites. Being an important Buddhist centre, Sri Lanka’s dominant Buddhist attraction lies in the ‘the Temple of the Tooth Relic’. The island stands as the starting point for the splendid voyage of salvation. It inhabits some glorious Buddhist sites with various temples around the coast. However, the temples reflect the Buddhist influence. These sites not just add significance to the country’s tourism but also add beauty to the natural brilliance of the place. It is a place where one can experience utmost tranquility amidst the natural environs of the primary Buddhist sites. With such significance, it affirms to be a place ideal for attaining inner bliss and peaceful mind. The island comes under the list of those enchanting destinations of the world which accommodates spiritual aura. It secludes the person from the modern chaos while providing some adventure amidst the natural splendor.

Golden Temple of Dambulla is the most prominent destination of the island that significantly contributes in its tourism. There are various temples in the island which are unique in their own individual way but the golden temple is one of its kind. It is a place where people can find solace amidst the pious ambiance. People here awaken their spirituality which further gives them courage to face the challenges of life and lead a positive life ahead. It has been 22 centuries now that the temple is standing as a prominent pilgrimage site for Buddhist as well as Hindus. The temple dates back to the first century and since then it is serving as the centre of pilgrimage for tourist as well as locals.

The temple complex comprises a Cave monastery which is believed to be the abode of the Buddhist monks. The cave is elegantly covered with mesmerizing murals that dates back to two thousand years and depict the life and times of the Lord Buddha. The temple shrine is also adorned with around 157 statues of Buddha in variably distinct sizes and poses. Among all of the statues, the most fascinating one is the 15 m reclining Buddha which is looks perfect against the vibrantly coloured frescoes on the walls and ceiling, making this the largest antique painted surface in the world. It is situated about 100 m above the plains and can be reached by stepping a series of stairs. One can also witness the rock fortress of Sigirya from the top after stepping up the stairs.

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