Finding the Lowest Airline Tickets

The price of airline tickets can vary dramatically depending on your destination, time of travel and the airline itself. These are some tips when searching for the lowest priced airline tickets.

How do you find the lowest priced airline tickets? For domestic travel, the most preferred way is online through sites like or, sometimes if you go to the airline’s website you may find some deals there. For international travel you can still find deals online, but you may also want to try a travel agent. They often offer very low fares.

Comparing Fares Online is a good place to look up for lowest priced airline tickets for domestic travel. The world’s largest travel search site is thought to be It will search a huge amount of airlines and fares and then display the best prices. Once it locates the best price, Kayak will give you a link to the site where your ticket can be booked. But don’t take my word for it as it is ALWAYS advisable to do comparison checks when purchasing airfare.

Bidding For Tickets Online is another option that works and is good for trying to find cheap domestic airfare. It is a site where you can go to bid on airfare. Type in your arrival and departure information you would like, number of layovers that would be acceptable and the max amount you’re willing to pay. After that you can place your bid and within a short time you’ll be notified as to whether to airline has accepted your bid or not.

Signing Up for Fare Alerts
Wherever you may be looking to travel be it locally or internationally, it’s wise to sign up for fare alerts. Almost every airline offer fare alerts on their web sites along with online travel sites like Travelocity, Orbitz and Expedia.

Unlike other airfare search engines, provides a team of real professionals that search airfare pricing proactively and will provide you with the least expensive and most up to date travel information.

Best Pricing on International and Business Class Air Travel
By checking with a travel agent for the best prices on business class and international airfare may save you some money because they have access to bulk fares. Travel agencies are a type of wholesaler that buy airline seats in bulk from airlines and then resells the seats at a discounted price. Travel agencies offer domestic tickets on high volume flights, flights such as New York to Los Angeles, but most often they offer business class and international discounts. Even though they may not offer discounts to your destination Its always better to check.

Ultimately it’s up to you on how much time you’re going to spend on finding the best price. Just by searching two or three web sites and a couple of travel agencies and airlines will definitely save you money because there is really no reason to pay full fare is there?

The bottom line is a little patience and time will go a long way in finding you the lowest priced air tickets!

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