European River Cruises – Getting Close to the Heart of Europe

European River Cruises is emerging to be a highly preferred option for travelers who want to discover the beauty and charm of Europe from a different perspective.

One would normally take a luxury ocean cruise to visit and spend their holidays in top tourist destinations. However, this kind of luxury travel is not necessarily appealing for everyone. Long haul and unbroken sea travel may not be the kind of holiday experience that people want, making ocean voyage a not so appealing travel option for them.

The good news is that we now have a better alternative. River cruising has now become a main attraction for travelers and holidaymakers in the past few years. It resolves the issue of distance and size which are the downsides associated with ocean travel, while at the same time allowing holidaymakers to experience the low pace journeys to favorite destinations.

Where are the best places to go for this kind of travel experience? European River Cruises easily tops our list when it comes to this kind of travel experience. Europe boasts of great river systems and tributaries making it ideal for such type of cruising experience. The river flanks offers poster perfect view of great sites of major European cities, including rural landscape sceneries and historical landmarks.

One of the more popular European River Cruises is the Rhine River Cruise. Few rivers have had such a strong and significant role as the Rhine River in shaping a continent. This 820-mile natural wonder is considered to be the main commercial and strategic waterway in Western Europe going as far back as the Roman times. The Rhine stretches through six countries, and these include Germany, France, Austria, Netherlands, Lichtenstein and Switzerland.

For those looking for the best luxury cruising experience, the German stretch has got to be the best option. In fact, for those who have experienced this stretch of The Rhine, this is considered to be the cruiser’s dream. The most exhilarating experience of this Rhine River Cruise is the world-famous Rhine Gorge, which flanks the banks of the waterway to as high as 200 meters within a 40-mile stretch.

Picture-perfect treats along the banks come in succession and these include the Lorelei, a famed giant rock that juts from the eastern bank of The Rhine, leafy vineyards and ruined castles. Going further up north, one is given a thrilling treat at Koln, which boasts of the world famous twin-spired architectural masterpiece, the Gothic cathedral.

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