Detroit Attractions

The Hart Plaza is one of the popular Detroit attractions and was designed by Isamu Noguchi in 1960s as a concrete civic space featuring an unusual twisted spire as well as a fountain. It stretches from Jefferson Avenue to the banks of the Detroit River and consists of a stage and an amphitheatre which are used for hosting ethnic riverfront festivals. This attraction is not only popular for the wonderful view of Canada that it affords but also for all the recreational activities like fishing in summer and ice-skating in winter.

The Ste. Anne de Detroit Church is one of the oldest Detroit attractions and was founded in 1701 as the second Catholic Church in America. This church bears all the hallmarks of Gothic architecture like flying buttresses and gargoyles gracing its entrance, the oldest stained glass in Detroit, an ornately hand-carved communion rail and an impressive pipe organ.

The Historic Fort Wayne is spread over 82 acres and houses a fort, a parade ground, a garrison, soldier’s barracks as well as a recently renovated commander’s house within its premises. Since this fort was one among the many forts which were built in 1840s’ along the banks of the Detroit River, it can be classified as a historical site among the Detroit attractions although it was used for posting soldiers as recently as the 1970s’.

The Ambassador Bridge is one of the most impressive Detroit attractions and connects the twin cities of Detroit and Windsor at a height of 150 feet above the Detroit River. This bridge is one of the most popular crossing points between the two countries and held the honor of being the longest suspension bridge in the world when it was inaugurated in 1929 because it stretched over 9,200 feet. On a clear day, an individual standing on this bridge would be able to enjoy unhindered sights of the two cities, the Detroit River as well as the St. Clair and Erie Lakes.

The Detroit River along with its three tributaries namely the Rouge, the Canard and the Ecorse is mainly responsible for the growth, development and commercialization of the city of Detroit. This river is the basis for a number of Detroit attractions like the Belle Isle, the Grosse Isle, beautiful hotels, commercial complexes and river cruises.

The Motown Mansion was built in the early twentieth century and houses a ballroom, seven dining spaces, a private gymnasium room, sports facilities like billiards tables and a bowling alley as well as a mini golf course as a part of its green lawn. Since it is one of the old world Detroit attractions, it is here that one would come across colorful stained glass, marble carvings, number of fire places as well as a wine cellar.

The Majestic Theatre is one of the most bizarre Detroit attractions and apart from its historical significance it also serves as a popular venue for poetry readings, political rallies and musical concerts. As regards the historical aspect, it was here that the legendary magician Harry Houdini gave his last performance on a Halloween night in 1926.

The Metropolitan United Methodist Church holds the honor among all the other Detroit attractions of being the best known Methodist church in the state of Michigan. This church is reflective of the English Gothic architecture and its congregation is well known for its multi-cultural and multi-racial acceptance.

The Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit serves as an important venue for hosting musical performances by famous artists as well as for organizing art workshops and art exhibitions with special emphasis on modern art. This is one of the landmark Detroit attractions and is particularly noteworthy due its graffiti art show titled ‘Off Da Wall’.

The Masonic Temple in Detroit is the largest among all the Masonic Temples in the world which was inaugurated in 1926 and enjoyed the status of being the most sought-after venues for concerts for decades. This venue is one of the largest and the most impressive Detroit attractions which has 1037 rooms in its 14-storey structure and also features an auditorium which has a seating capacity of 5000.

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