Destination Weddings in Aruba

Destination Wedding in Aruba Makes Perfect Sense

Many brides-to-be dream of a beautiful beach wedding, set against a backdrop of white sand, calm seas and blue skies. For most, marrying that vision with a hometown location can be unrealistic, as seasonal and additional logistical factors become a deterrent: summer is a short, popular and expensive time to get married, and the high competition among other brides to get married during the summer can make planning that dream wedding into a blustery nightmare.

Enter the Caribbean destination wedding, and what better locale to pick than Aruba? With its abundance of beaches, fun activities and consistent weather, Aruba is the perfect place to plan a destination wedding.

It’s always sunny in Aruba

Normally, the biggest gamble when planning a beach wedding is the weather. Not so in Aruba. With nearly perfect weather, Aruba boasts an average daily temperature of 82 degrees year-round. The island is also located outside the hurricane belt and sees less than 20 inches of rain per year, further lowering the odds of inclement weather on a wedding day to slim to none.

With an eternal summer climate, Aruba offers a low-pressure alternative to brides who want to plan a summer wedding, but are normally hampered by the time constraints and lack of options if they stay closer to home. Limiting potential wedding dates to June, July or August can be frustrating and stressful since those are generally the most popular months to get married, meaning venues and vendors are at a premium.

Luckily, the conventional summer months fall within Aruba’s off season, which is generally considered to be May through November. Engaged couples can take advantage by planning an Aruba wedding during the slowest tourist times, where hotels and vendors are likely to offer discounted wedding packages in order to keep business during the off season.

Wedding planning made easy

Arubahas made legislative changes over the past few years to make destination weddings more attractive to visitors. While at one time it was legal only for Aruban citizens to marry on the island, the law has now changed so non-citizens can legally tie the knot.

As a result of the updated legalities, Aruba has become a hot locale for destination weddings and local businesses have rushed to accommodate that growing segment of tourism. Many hotels and resorts in Aruba have in-house wedding planners on staff, making the process of off-site arrangements a breeze for couples in the months leading up to their wedding. From room accommodations for wedding guests, ceremonial details, flowers, music and reception, Aruba resorts have become a one-stop shop for guests who wish to marry on-site.

Nearly every hotel in Aruba offers specific wedding packages, many taking advantage of their beachfront real estate. Couples can say their vows against the backdrop of Aruba’s scenic landscape, or incorporate some of the island’s traditional Dutch culture in their ceremony as hotels like the Marriott offer replicas of Aruba’s famous Kunuku houses that couples can marry under. Fresh, tropical flowers and the use of local photographers and wedding vendors can also give the wedding an authentic feel, both of which can be arranged through a hotel wedding planner.

The two-for-one guest experience: A wedding and a vacation

A bonus to planning a destination wedding on one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful islands? Guests can enjoy a wedding and a tropical getaway in one trip. Aruba plays a great host to wedding groups, as there are limitless activities to enjoy in the days leading up to the main event.

Many couples choose to host their guests for a week of wedding activities or an extended weekend, a luxury that allows for more personal time with guests that is often lost at traditional weddings that tend to be one-day affairs. Group beach or snorkeling excursions can be a fun way to spend the day with friends and family, capped off by a sunset cruise with cocktails and music which is also a popular idea for a rehearsal dinner.

For non-beachgoers, a day of adventure awaits any wedding party in Aruba’s deserts. ATV and jeep tours are a fun alternative group outing, with a jaunt around Aruba’s bar scene to relax after a day-long adrenaline rush. The island’s famed Kukoo Kunuku party buses are a popular pick for Aruba wedding groups, as betrothed couples often charter them for guests on a night leading up to their big day.

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