Basic Tools For Body Temple

(Excerpt from ‘Sacred Sexual Healing: The Shaman Method of Sex Magic’ by Baba Dez Nichols and Kamala Devi) Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God?… Therefore worship God with your body. Corinthians 6:19-20

The human body is built for pleasure. We are wired with sensory nerves: big ones like the sciatic nerve that goes through the gluteus and thigh, and little ones like the estimated 8,000 nerve endings packed in the head of the clitoris. This intricate superhighway of nerves sends and receives sensual signals between the body and the brain.

Out body interprets immense amounts of information about our safety, our state of arousal, and our more subtle energetic impulses that we call the sixth sense.

We will explore three tools that are involved in the sacredness of our body temple: breath, boundaries and chakras. These practices are prerequisites on the path of embodied enlightenment offering a solid foundation on which to base your sacred sexual practice.

Breath Work: Breath is like sex. Without it none of us would be here. One of the great secrets of breath is that it creates a bridge between conscious and unconscious. It connects the sympathetic to the parasympathetic nervous systems. You may visit (pp 243-246) to view three variations on breath exercises.

Boundaries: The body temple functions best when it is protected by healthy boundaries. Boundaries create the container that provides safety for the body, emotions and heart.

Examples of boundary setting includes:

o Asking permission before you touch
o When asked, if you are a yes, say YES; if you are a no, say NO
o If you are a maybe, say NO
o We encourage you to change your mind

You may find a list of 10 tips for communicating boundaries (p47) and a free exercise on boundary setting (p. 246).

Chakra System:

There is a significance in the number seven in astrology, organized religions of the world, sacred geometry, music and in our chakra system that is intimately associated with our endocrine system.

The following is a list of the seven major chakras, their locations, properties, sacred geometry and corresponding mantra or sound.

Chakra Name Location Property Sacred Geometry Mantra 1 – Root Muladhara – Earth – Red Between Anus and Genitals Foundation, primal drives Lotus four petals LAM 2 – Sex Svadhisthana – Water – Orange Sex organs, spleen Sexuality, creativity, emotions Lotus six petals VAM 3 – Solar Plexus Manipura – Fire -Yellow Stomach Power, Will, the Feminine Lotus ten petals RAM 4 – Heart Anahata – Air – Green Heart Seat of the Soul Lotus twelve petals AH or YAM 5 – Throat Vishudda – Sound – Blue Throat Communication, Hearing Lotus sixteen petals HAM 6 – Ajna Ajna – Light – Indigo Third Eye Intuition, Precognition, the Masculine Lotus two petals KSHAM or ONG 7 – Crown Sahasrara – Thought – Violet Top of Head Higher Consciousness Lotus 972 petals HAMSA or AUM

You may visit (p. 248) to practice Rainbow relaxation.

As we become more proficient in these energy centers, we are able to breathe divine inspiration into many aspects of our lives. In essence we become divine conduits.

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