Adventure Travel in South Africa and Experience of a Lifetime

Adventure travel in beautiful South Africa is an amazing way to experience the well known African safaris and other incredibly exciting and thrilling vacation activities. When you say “African safari”, your mind immediately goes to the excitement of seeing some of the wildest, near extinct, and even some rarely seen animals.

South Africa is definitely a large and uniquely varied land that offers almost unlimited opportunities for adventure travelers. This extraordinary land will offer you breathtaking land and water sports such mountain climbing, trekking, canoeing, and even whitewater rafting. Many of the travelers who select a South African vacation consider the best option for vacation to be an African safari tour, but don’t forget that there are so many other things that you can enjoy. If you are looking for a most satisfying vacation experience and once in a lifetime outings, you might want to consider the following options.

Kruger National Park

This is the park that is filled with magnificent wildlife and is known as the finest game reserve in the world. The park is home to many species of wildlife and a sanctuary for big cats. As you visit the park you will see many animals like lions, leopards, cheetah, giraffe, rhino, zebra, impala, and other animals.

Kalahari Gemsbok National Park

This option is more remote and rugged compared to Kruger and is filled with great wildlife like imposingly large herds of gemsbok, eland, springbok, and wildebeest. This is the place where the Kalahari lion will be the one that will welcome you as you set foot in this majestic park.

Canoeing in the Orange River

This is the most popular place for adventure travel where you will enjoy a great time canoeing the Orange River. The river here winds through the kingdom of Bushmanland and its banks are typically lush which is an oasis perfect to view birds and game.

So are you interested in planning a vacation you will never forget? This consider enjoying the wildlife haven of South Africa. Adventure travel in South Africa is a most amazing experience where you will enjoy the wild animals to the beautiful landscape to exciting activities that you will never forget!

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