Advantages and Disadvantages of Learning Golf in Golf Schools in Resorts

Many resorts like Pebble Beach, Sea Island and Augusta National have golf schools with different training programs suited to players of various levels. From golf novices to advanced golfers, in resorts offer instruction to anyone interested in the game. Compared to traditional golf schools in your local golf course, in resorts have its own distinct advantages and disadvantages. So before you go about enrolling yourself in a golf school in a resort, consider the following to see if it’s the kind of golf instruction you are looking for:

Advantages of Learning Golf in Golf Schools in Resorts:

1. Taking lessons in resorts allow an individual to learn the game and relax at the same time. For the golf enthusiast, nothing is more fun than the prospect of a vacation doing nothing but play golf.
2. These schools have programs customized to the needs of the individual or group. One-on-one lessons with a certified personal trainer are also available.
3. Aside from the usual golf lessons, golf schools located in resorts also offer other fun activities which include a nine hole (full day) instruction, outings and clinics.
4. It allows one to learn the game in the most picturesque and beautiful surroundings in the world.
5. Resorts offer a relaxing way to unwind after an exhausting day at practice.

Disadvantages of Learning Golf in Resorts:

1. The cost can be prohibitively expensive. Personalized instruction can even be more costly.
2. It takes careful planning before one can enjoy a golf vacation.
3. If you happen to enjoy a lesson or a particular instructor, you can’t anymore enroll for more follow-up instruction once your vacation is over, unlike if you started classes in your own home course.

Take these considerations to heart before you enroll in a golf school in a resort.

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