5 Terrific Tips For Motorcycle Road Trips

When it is time to hit the road, a motorcycle road trip is the best means! There is the relief of leaving all of your cares and worries behind you-literally! There is the refreshing feeling of the wind whipping across your face and through your clothes. There is the perception that you are free as a bird, and free to travel wherever your heart and cycle take you. One of the keys to preparing for any motorcycle road trip is packing properly. Here are some tips to help make your trip more successful:

1. Check the weather forecast
Today, you can get your weather report from a variety of sources-the Internet, TV, radio, i-pod, etc. It does not particularly matter where you get your weather report, as long as you get one before hopping on your cycle. When taking a long road trip, it is extremely important for you first to get a weather report, as the weather can change drastically over a long distance.

2. Pack and dress in layers
At first, it may seem logical to bring heavy coats for extremely cold temperatures. However, keep in mind that weather can fluctuate greatly, and you will experience it firsthand when exposed to the elements. You want to avoid freezing or frying while on your motorcycle road trip. It is better to pack and dress in layers. That way you can conveniently pull off and put on thin layers, in order to maximize your comfort.

3. Gear up
Helmets lower your risk of death when motorcycle riding, by nearly 30%! Always sport a full-face helmet whenever you take off on road trips. Such helmets include a shield to safeguard you from rain, snow, and blustery winds. Furthermore, they provide enough ventilation so can avoid getting a hothead. You may feel somewhat restricted by wearing a full-face helmet. However, remember to follow the rule of “safety first.”

4. Bring enough but not too much
Your mission when packing up your motorcycle is more difficult than it seems. You want to bring enough supplies to ensure that you are comfortable and prepared for the trip. Consider the fact that inclement weather or a breakdown could occur in the middle of nowhere. On the other hand, you also want to avoid having excess bulkiness and weight, by leaving unnecessary items at home. Over-packing could result in slowing down your progress, or even making it more difficult to maneuver your motorcycle.

5. Load up your motorcycle properly
When using motorcycle saddle bags, make sure to follow some guidelines. Place heavier items along the bottom of the bags, and lighter bags on top. This will help to balance the weight. In addition, the sides of the bag should be as close as possible to the cycle sides.

Are you ready to hit the road on your motorcycle? Motorcycle road trips can create some of the best times of your life. Just follow some steps to ensure that your trip is as safe and comfortable as possible. Have a happy road trip!

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